Wednesday, 23 December 2020

The British List

 Update published by BOU on 16th December 2020

Following the IOC split we gained a bird on the British list

Having only seen Western Subalpine Warbler in the UK I didn't gain any direct benefit as is usual on these updates for me. I can't remember my list ever going the right way on the back of an update but at least on this one it didn't go backwards.

The only Subalpine Warbler I've ever dipped happens to be an Eastern at Landguard in Suffolk.

A review is still taking place with regards to both Ross's Goose and White-headed Duck currently both Cat. D species and therefore not included in the British list total of 622

(Cat D is the holding area where there remains doubt about the species occurring in a natural state.)

Last years Paddyfield Pipit that spent a long time in Cornwall would be a first for Britain if accepted. I didn't go for it as I thought at the time it had little chance of acceptance and it was a very grubby looking bird. These two factors stopped me making the thirteen hour return drive for it. 

The bird however remains "under consideration" .

Link to the full British list on the BOU website‐list/

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