Saturday, 5 December 2020

More Owl time

I'm still enjoying the local Owls and visited the park yesterday without taking any images. The Owls showed briefly yesterday but never really gave up the chance of an image. Today I visited again and noticed the park guys had put up signs asking people to behave with respect for the wildlife. I'm pleased to say people did react well to the signs and I think all that visited today stayed on the paths and avoided the roost site. Ironically today one of the Owls decided to sit on the grass verge of the main footpath and eat a vole so that was a crowd pleaser. 

I hope that the good behaviour is now established and can be maintained so that these fabulous birds can safely winter in the park and more people get to enjoy them. The best way to enjoy them is to pick a spot and wait and they will give you a chance. The locals have been very understanding and seem to have enjoyed the attention the park has had. Nice also to bump into Roy W. today.

Goldfinches on the giant Teasle

Short-eared Owl

Short-eared Owl. 

Short-eared Owl

Stick to the pathways 

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