Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Somethings never change

I've not been out for a couple of days and although I've been lucky to enjoy some time in the garden with some Buzzards, Red Kite and a Sparrowhawk the highlights this morning I needed to take advantage of my exercise time so plodded off down the stream towards the motorway and back about a two mile round trip which takes me about forty minutes on a leisurely stroll and is good for mind and body. I saw two people today on the walk and  the 2m rule was well observed.

I'm still not taking any glass with me treating it as more of a walk that I may see some birds rather than a walk to look for birds if that makes sense.

Today I saw a Kingfisher sitting on a branch overhanging the small ditch come stream, a couple of Mallards resting on the shingle bank and lots of calling Chiffchaff. A few Buzzard and a Sparrowhawk again flew over with the Buzzards being quite vocal. Seven Parakeets flew over very low and again were very noisy then I had another lockdown tick when a couple of Stock Dove flew up from the brown fields as I approached.

On the short walk through the woods I was surprised to find that the locals had very kindly picked up their dogs poo and their empty Stella cans and put them in a carrier bag which they'd hung from a tree so the council could find them easily and take them away for them.....how thoughtful!
Somethings it seems never change.

Not a bad view at the end of the walk
So thoughtful
I'll never understand why anybody thinks this is the way to go.

Lock down list now 44

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