Friday, 3 April 2020

Another day another Lockdown walk

My street held another Clap for the NHS last night and it benefited from a little more participation than the last with most of the street out, a few pots being banged and a few fireworks being let off in another show of our appreciation for the commitment and dedication of these fabulous people.
(I have good reason to be thank them as they've saved my life on more than one occasion and only recently got my father in law home safe after testing positive for Covid-19)

With spirits lifted from the last couple of days I set off on my exercise walk this morning and I encountered not one but two Kingfishers sitting on a branch overhanging the little ditch at the bottom of the road. The ditch runs into the Roding so I guess they're nesting up river but come to the shallow ditch for easier prey. In the woods a couple of Treecreepers together was a nice find and I got another Lockdown tick when three Canada Geese flew over.

On arriving home I sat in the garden with a coffee and watched as first a Heron dropped low to inspect my pond then a Sparrowhawk flew over putting up all the Starlings. My bonus for the half hour in the garden was another Lockdown tick when I spotted a Cormorant flying north.

Another enjoyable morning making the most of these strange dark days we're experiencing.
The lockdown list now sits at 42

Pictured bird seen earlier this year 

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