Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Black-throated Thrush at Whipsnade revisited

I made another trip to Whipsnade this morning hoping the Black-throated Thrush would show better for me and it didn't let me down. From the minute I arrived at 10am until I left around 1pm it showed in the Cotoneaster tree by the Pig field or in the Pig field giving me the chance to actually see it at close range and grab a few  much desired images.

I'm so pleased I returned again today.

Merry Christmas to all who read the blog, have a good day tomorrow but I've had my present a day early for sure....see below!

Black-throated Thrush
What a belter of a bird
It even sat on the fence for a second for me to get this single shot
Feeding among the daisies

Dropped into the logs once or twice too
Just a superb day 
Black-throated Thrush at Whipsnade
Great to see it well and even better to have grab some pleasing images at last
Feeding well today..will the berries last into 2020 though
All gone
Token Redwing


  1. Stunning photos of this beauty. Have seen 3 in the UK, but none were anywhere as smart as this. Have a great Xmas + thanks for the blog. Wish you a bird-filled 2020!

  2. Thanks for commenting, have a good Xmas too and if you get the chance go see this little stunner.