Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Wallasea Island

I made yet another trip down to Wallasea Island today and wasn't disappointed as at least six Short-eared Owls, two Hen Harriers, a pair of Marsh Harriers, a Merlin and a couple of Great Egrets all showed well from about 1.20pm until the light dropped around 3.30pm.

These afternoons just sitting in one place watching great birds are a nice balance to the chasing around for year ticks and I'm pleased I get a good mix of both.

Year list still 302

Short-eared Owl at Wallasea
Short-eared Owl
Lunch time
Short-eared Owl
Hen Harrier not quite as accommodating at the Owls
Distant Hen Harrier
There are worse ways to waste an afternoon than watching these crackers.

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