Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Cumbrian wedding

I'm currently up north after my niece's wedding last weekend in Great Musgrave where I decided to stay for the week and following the wedding I've managed to squeeze in a little birding.

The fast flowing stream in the village holds at least six dippers over a half mile stretch so I pulled out the camera and tried to catch a few images as they darted up and down in the gloomy light. To make matters harder the stream remains in shadow all day with houses either side but I managed with the help of an inflated ISO to grab a few usable images. Also in this small stream I have seen several Grey Wagtails, a Kingfisher and a Spotted Flycatcher which I'll try to get a shot of later.

Yesterday a drive out to Langdon Beck was on the cards as it's only twenty miles away and although at this time of year Black Grouse would be difficult to find I just wanted to see Langdon Beck having read so much about it. I drove through the Pennines spotting lots of Red Grouse, Raven and Wheatear as I entered Durham and at Langdon Beck I did find Black Grouse and a very obliging Short-eared Owl.

Short-eared Owl
We took the little guy into Windermere to visit Peter Rabbit which he enjoyed and obviously we enjoyed the fantastic scenery but that's a given in this part of the world.

The Pennines
Back Grouse country
No year ticks thus far this week so I missed the July target by one and will have to work hard in August to bring the highest count back into play.

Year list still 269

PS The wedding went really well and was enjoyed by all.

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