Saturday, 3 August 2019

Always birding

So I had some time away with my grandson after the wedding enjoying trips into the Lake district, the north Pennines and the Yorkshire Dales where we enjoyed some stunning views and lovely time together. We had lunch at the highest pub in England, walked along some superb rivers and saw some awesome waterfalls including High Force and the little guy really enjoyed Beatrix Potter World and paddling in the rivers.

On one drive through Teesdale we watched a male Merlin chase and catch a Mipit which was great but I enjoyed the small fast moving stream in the town which held a few Dippers and also had breeding Spotted Flycatchers to entertain me. Often the best birding is right on your doorstep.

Despite looking I failed to find any Whinchat which surprised me but the village had lots of breeding Swift using the old houses and the access to their loft space well. The screaming of thirty plus Swift was good to hear as I enjoyed an occasional beer outside the Golden Fleece of an evening.

Year list still just 269 and in need of a big August push.

The Spotted Flycatcher 
Red Grouse enjoying the last couple of weeks before the 12th and the gloom that brings
If you'll pardon the pun "The light was awful"
My best ever August total is 272 so four ticks needed to better that but I'm hoping to be nearer 280 by the end of August this year with a little luck.

Previous August ticks include such little gems as 

Sabines Gull
Red-backed Shrike
Spotted Crake
Baird's Sandpiper
Balearic Shearwater
Pec Sand
Alpine Swift
Red-necked Phalarope
Melodious Warbler
Stilt Sandpiper

so there's always hope.

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  1. Nice set of photos despite the light, well done. Diane