Monday, 25 February 2019

Watching Eagles at Lakenheath

A drive through Lakenheath this morning on the way to Santon Downham gave me an unexpected opportunity to watch the F-15 strike Eagles taking off. I've passed the RAF base many times and often seen the Eagles up in the air but never noticed them on the deck before so when I did this morning I pulled over to watch them take off and have to say it was quite an experience with the noise quite something and the way they turn vertical at the end of the runway is also quite a spectacle.

F15 Strike Eagle
check out the heat haze
At Santon Downham I managed to find a calling Woodlark on the way down and found it on the ground on the way back to the car. At the usual site further down the river I found the Lesser-spotted Woodpeckers drumming, calling and even managed quite good views of a male on several occasions.
No sign of Otters on this occasion but I picked up a single Brambling and several Siskin to add to the reward.

Woodlark at Santon Downham

Year list now 171 and 8 short of my best ever February total with three days to go .

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