Sunday, 17 September 2017

Spotted Crake Ingrebourne Valley

Nice local one today....Spotted Crake Ingrebourne Valley!

A short drive, short walk and an hour or so wait. With the twitch focusing lazily on the area right in front of the view point I started scanning the rest of the area first finding a couple of Snipe on the fringes and several young Moorhen before I picked out the little guy walking through the grass to our left in the far corner of reeds from the view point. Over the next couple of hours locals came and went and the Crake slowly made it's way from the left to the right covering around thirty yards in three hours but every time it got to a clearing it sprinted to get back to cover so photographic opportunity was extremely limited.

Nice year tick though taking the year list to 261

Spotted Crake at Ingrebourne Valley

Spotted Crake

Sneaking through the grass
Occasionally showing just enough to grab a shot or two
Cracking little fella

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