Saturday, 16 September 2017

Black and white White winged Black Tern

The Jims picked me up this morning and took me out for a change. The local destination was Tyttanhangers Gravel Pits in Hertfordshire and our target was the White winged Tern.

We pulled into the car park at Willows Farm but it wasn't clear how to get to the lake and parking in a childrens activity park looked a little wrong so we drove around to the fishing hut and paid the day fee (£2 per person). The guy running the place very kindly opened the gate so we could drive to the far end where the bird had been favouring the very last lake. (Willows). As we got out of the car I spotted the bird and we enjoyed an hour or so watching it do it's thing. More birders came and went but all seemed to be using the Willows Farm car park on the other side of the lake.

Another year tick for the Jims but for me just the best views ever of this species even if I failed to capture it very well with the camera skills. (or lack of them)

Onwards and upwards!

White winged Black Tern
White winged Tern (background removed in PS)
White winged Tern
What a performer
The Jims working hard for the tick


  1. Like the image with the background removed very nice.....

  2. Thanks Shaun, with it being back lit I thought it would work.