Sunday, 24 September 2017

Another go at the Roding Valley Red Neck

Better light today and with patience the bird came quite close,
The guys chasing it around the lake only helped push it back to it's favoured corner where I sat and waited for a few hours enjoying the best views possible of the little cracker.
If you go plot yourself up on the concrete pad in the corner of the lake and wait.

Nice to bump into a few more local birders again today.

Lot's of keepers today but here's just a few of my personal favourites.

It comes quite close!
If it flies to the far end wait cos it will fly back in no time
If it gets close to the Great Crested Grebes there's usually a reaction
What a bird
Sit still, stay low and it'll treat you to fab views
Not sure if I liked the clear or shadowed water better?
My favourite  (I think)
A nice stretch after a Great Grebe attacked it from under water
Not always so close
Other birds allowed too.
If you haven't been do yourself a favour and's a stunning bird and shows really well.
What other reason do you need.


  1. Was nice to meet you today. A really good blog for a stunning bird. So glad I went to see it today

  2. Thanks Stephen, good to meet you too.