Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Saal Digital review

I was asked by Saal-digital to order and review one of their professional line photo books and was glad to accept that invitation. 

The front acrylic cover (sorry my iphone pics don't do it justice)

Saal market this product as the "Photobook with the WOW factor". so I was interested to see if it lived up to this. I'm used to ordering photobooks as I put them together for family for birthdays and Christmas presents and to date have been happy with my current supplier but I was more than happy to use the promotional voucher Saal provided.

My first step was to download their design software which concerned me a little but proved a real asset as it made for a much quicker upload of images. The software if very user friendly and allows for simple and advanced editing. 

The Professional line offers varying sizes from a standard 210mm square to a portfolio sized  400 x 300mm. I opted for something in the middle with a 300 x 210mm landscape book. I chose to have an acrylic image as the cover which gives the book a heavy feel of quality with the thick acrylic really a stand out feature compared to other books I've ordered in the past. The print option gives you the choice to have your images as glossy or matte and there is an option to have the book delivered in a lovely presentation box but I found that option a bit our of my budget at £40 a box. I selected the mid range option of 52 pages but ended up adding a few extras as you do in these things and this meant I ended up paying a good bit towards the book as my promotional voucher didn't cover the full cost.

The book arrived in under a week and communication was excellent from point of order to delivery through to customer service interest post delivery as is normal in todays world.

I am delighted with the product, the print quality and colour representation is superb although I made a point of only using high resolution images that the Saal design software recognised as "very good" in it's upload remarks. Without the promotional voucher I might have chosen different options to keep the cost within my budget but I cannot fault the finished product and would highly recommend the company for the product and the service provided.

Overall verdict = ten out of ten.

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