Monday, 8 June 2020

A moment of weakness

I was happily painting the ceiling this morning when Jim rang to say he was going for the Marsh Warbler at Ware. He had good directions from Matt M. and just wanted me to have them in case I also fancied it which I didn't until he did and then I did.

I washed up and drove the 15 miles to Ware parking in Myddleton Road and walking along the river to find a couple of other birders staring at a distant bush. The Jims arrived shortly after and pretty soon we were enjoying the song of the Marsh Warbler and in the next hour managed three decent views. Good to see the Jims out birding again and glad they managed to get me up for the trip too as you don't get to see too many Marsh Warblers.

Nothing but a distant record shot of the Marsh Warbler
The Warbler distancing wasn't a problem.
Coot (still yet to get contrast right on one of these)

Year list now 208

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