Tuesday, 4 February 2020

yesterdays Med Gull ringed in Belgium back in 2002

I managed to read a ring on one of yesterdays Med Gulls on the beach at Southend and sent it off to the French team involved. Today I got their report back on the bird and it makes very interesting reading. It was ringed back in 2002 in Belgium and would appear to have spent time in Holland and made Essex a home too. It's been reported eighteen times but hadn't been reported since back in 2018 until my report. Interesting to see that the last report came from the place of birth in Flanders, Belgium.

A couple of familiar local names have also reported the bird over the last few years with Shaun H. being the first to find it on our shores back in 2013.

All very interesting...at least it is to me.

The full report

3EAH An 18 year old Mediterranean Gull


  1. Thanks for sharing, that's great to see it's long history.

  2. Yeah, It is good to see it's movement especially to see that it crosses the channel now and again.
    Must be rewarding for the original ringer to see the bird doing well.