Sunday, 14 October 2018

Quiet morning at Minsmere

At the crack of dawn we're walking the north bushes at Minsmere only to find a few Brambling and a Bullfinch for our effort. An Otter and four Red Deer showed as we walked the north wall and lot's of Beardies pinged all around but despite the calm didn't show that well.

On the wader front a Spotted Redshank was the only thing of note.
At the Sluice we found a few Stonechat and surprisingly a pair of Dartford Warblers.
At the car park we heard Yellow-browed Warbler but failed to see it.

There was a lot of migration today but all high up with groups of Redwing, Skylark and Meadow pipit making up the majority of the movement.

Red Deers at Minsmere
Elusive Bearded Tit
Then we get home to find a certain Hornsea birder has found a White-rumped Swift up in Yorkshire today which is only a first for Britain..never mind!

Year list now 243

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