Sunday, 8 February 2015

Waxwings at Kesgrave

We took the 70 mile run up the A12 this morning in search of the Waxwings pulling into Wilkinsons Drive Kesgrave at around 8am we quickly found the school where up to ten birds had been feeding all week but after an hour and a lot of searching the local streets we hadn't found the target. As we walked back to the car I noticed the birds leaving a large oak to the side of the school only to fly off over the houses and away.
With thanks to the pager there appearance back on Colchester Road was highlighted and we made the 2 mile journey parking up outside number 250 to view ten birds feeding on Mistletoe. We enjoyed a couple of hours watching them but they rarely came down from the shadows to feed in good light and after two hours departed heading back to the school to feed on the few berries that remain there.

Waxwing on Mistletoe
Waxwing at Kesgrave
On the wing
We headed south with a quick stop at Abberton where a second year tick for the day was found in the form of six White-fronted Geese from the causeway. Two drake and redhead Smew were noted but little else was seen before we headed home for dinner dates that needed keeping.

Year list now at 138

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