Saturday, 31 January 2015

Serins at Gunners Park Essex

A call from the Jims today had me meeting up with them on the way to Southend. We arrived at Gunners Park around 12pm ish and the news was that the birds hadn't been seen since the early morning reports.
I took a walk around the place leaving a small group of birders at the car park waiting and hoping for the Serins to drop in. I was papping a Redshank when Jimmy called to let me know the Serins had returned so with a little sprint jog I was back at the car park and soon had both Serins in my bins and even managed a record shot of the little crackers.

Serin at Gunners Park Essex
The birds moved on and so did the gathered birders so I took the opportunity to move down for a couple of shots of a Little Egret. We moved back along the sea front and located at least nine Med Gulls on the beach opposite Rossi's. Also feeding on the shore were Sanderling, Turnstone, Redshank and hundreds of Dunlin.
On the water were large numbers of Brent Geese.

Little Egret
Our final stop on this whistle stop tour was Wallasea where we found large groups of Linnet and Corn Bunting before spotting the Rough legged Buzzard hovering in the distance. As the snow fell the bird showed really well as it hunted the entire length of the marsh arriving at the white gates where it sat on the bank giving fantastic scope views. We had a very brief SEO as one poppoed up to interact with the Buzzard.

Med Gull at Westcliff
So a nice afternoons birding giving us our best ever views of Serin and an Essex tick to boot!.

Year list now at 136

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