Sunday, 22 December 2013

Mammals of the year

The year gave me my best views ever of wild Otters whilst watching the Dark-bellied Dipper at Thetford.
A couple of Otters would swim along the river as I sat waiting for the dipper to show. I hope they had a good year.

Otter at Thetford
Stoat at Weeting Heath
The above Stoat entertained me early morning as it danced along the path towards me sitting bolt upright as it noticed me lying on the path in front of it.

The Hare above was seen running along the edge of the road as I travelled along the Findhorn Valley in Scotland. I stopped the car and lie on the floor next to it, luckily the Hare kept on running in my direction giving this opportunity.

The Badger shot above was taken at the BWC where I was lucky to find this magnificent beast out in the paddock during the day. A captive creature which chose to show for my camera.


Whilst watching the bird feeding station at Dungeness RSPB hoping for a Tree Sparrow to come in to feed the above Fox came out of the trees and sat watching the feeders with me for a while. I think we had ulterior motives.

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