Monday, 4 June 2018


Yesterday saw a quick trip down to Oare Marsh in Kent. Arriving early we enjoyed a quartering Barn Owl and a Little Owl with a pair of Marsh Harrier along with the usual waders, Egrets and ducks.

We heard a Turtle Dove calling in the distance and eventually picked it up sitting in the trees by the farm where it continued to call throughout our visit. Reed and Sedge Warblers were very noisy along with a calling Cuckoo to round off a decent trip. We then decided to try North Foreland in the hope we might jam on yesterdays Rose Starling or find one of our own but failed on that front but did get some nice views of the breeding Fulmars here. On the way home a Pink Starling was reported at Cliffe so we took the short diversion only to dip again but here's hoping we jam on one soon as this mini invasion continues.

Year list now 217

Reed Warbler
Singing in the Reeds
Reed Warbler
A Reed Warbler warbling
Reed Warbler at Oare Marsh
Reed Warbler

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