Saturday, 16 December 2017

Barred Warbler at Titchfield Haven

A lone run today down to Titchfield Haven NNR in Hampshire with a plan to spend the whole day just trying to bag a couple of half decent images of the wintering Barred Warbler. I was the first on site today arriving at 7.30am and with the reserve closed I wasn't sure I'd be able to find the bird but even when closed you can still access the garden behind the visitor centre. The bird showed straight away and repeated a small circuit all day along the short footpath before returning to feed on the few berries left in the garden.

There was a steady procession of birders throughout the day but I spent most of the day away from the garden with another birder at the opposite end of the footpath where the light was a bit better and the views a little less twiggy. I found a Firecrest on site for a bonus but the star attraction was the Barred and it didn't disappoint.

Good bird, good company and a great bacon sarnie in the visitor centre!

Year list now 272

Barred Brute!
You're Barred!
Barred full of berries
A proper poser!


  1. Nice to meet you Brian, was me standing with you in the light! Great blog a great day and top pics .All the best,Jez.

  2. likewise Jez, thanks for the comment and the company and hope to bump into you again soon.