Sunday, 27 August 2017

Black Terns, Red Kites and supporting cast

If there's one bird the wife enjoys seeing it has to be Red Kites so today when I mentioned I'd be driving around the 25 to Staines and taking in the Red Kites up the A40 she said she'd tag along and she was pleased she did as we enjoyed great views of several Kites.

Red Kite
Red Kite 
What a bird!
What a bird and what a success story in terms of reintroduction.

First stop today though was Staines were I picked up a late year tick with Black Tern and also found Common Sandpiper, Avocet, Sanderling and dozens of Pied Wagtails to add interest.

Then came the real highlight as we headed up the A40 to enjoy some fantastic Kites both in flight and sitting on top of the trees. They were calling each other and would take to the skies at regular intervals. Some times you get out there and the birds just seem to perform for you and today was without doubt one of those days.


Year list now 254

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