Saturday, 1 April 2017

Black winged Stilt at Vange Marsh RSPB in Essex

After an extended half day at work I popped down the A13 to Vange in search of the returning Black winged Stilt that had been reported yesterday. I parked in Chestnut Avenue and walked under the A13 passing the fly tip zone over the railway line and onto the marsh to commence the long walk to the far end of the reserve where a couple of locals already had the bird in view. As I joined them on the viewing mound I quickly located the target just over the bank and enjoyed an hour or so watching it feed along the edges.

Black-winged Stilt at Vange Marsh RSPB
Another Essex Bird
Black winged Stilt
Shaking down after a little siesta
Showing off those smart Black Wings
Stilt at Vange
Sadly the partner to this guy has gone missing but maybe she'll turn up at some point.

A pair of Marsh Harriers hunted the reeds and several Buzzards drifted over. Black-tailed Godwits came in and the usual ducks, Grebes and Egrets kept the Stilt company.

Year list now 181

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