Monday, 5 January 2015

Slavonian Grebe at Wanstead for lunch

With news from the Jims that the Slav Grebe was still at Wanstead I took an early lunch break to make the short journey to Northumberland Avenue and parked up by the gates to Heronry Lake. Luckily the Jims were still on the bird and I quickly added it to the year list along with Long-tailed Tit which I'd also seen in the car park at work today. This was my first visit to this other wise unknown part of the flats but it just underlines what a great patch this is for the locals to work and work it they do. Well played again Nick and thanks for putting news out for us to bask in the glory of your find. (Great bird for the patch!)

Slavonian Grebe
Slav Grebe.
A little overcast today which didn't help the camera but I grabbed a few shots at high ISO so they're a little grainy but too good a bird not to give the shutter a little work.


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