Friday, 13 June 2014

Black-winged Stilts breeding in Kent


With our changing climate it had to happen sometime soon and it seems 2014 is the year when Black-winged Stilts decided to breed once again in Britain and long may it continue.

Stilts breeding in Kent 
Little Egret has to be one of the most successful breeding additions to British lists as the first ones decided to breed in Dorset back in 1996 and look at them now, you can't go out in the southeast without seeing them. (Even a regular fly over on my garden list).

UPDATE: Now three chicks and all affording 24 hour RSPB protection!
REVISED 14th June: Kent pair now have four chicks
FURTHER UPDATE 14th June : Another pair now have three chicks in West Sussex

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  1. So far as I know,they first bred in Britain,1945,and have done so extremly few times since.Do you think these two breeding records mark the begining this time of them colonising Britain?

    The Little Egret increased at an exponential rate as a migrant before they established themselves as a regular breeding species.The Black-winged Stilt still remains one of Britain's rarest visitors,but of course,this could change.