Friday, 20 September 2013

Macro photography with a reversing ring

I've been thinking about buying a Macro lens for a while now and only the cost has got in the way so I decided on trying first with a reversing ring. Ring ordered from the far east for about a pound and duly delivered today I set about trying a few shots with my old Nikon D50 and Nikkor 18-55 lens.
Hundreds and Thousands
Setting the lens on back to front I found myself having to open the aperture manually and adjust in a trial and error kind of way plus focusing manually. I'm able to set shutter speed so can use this to vary exposure. The whole session was a little experimental to say the least. Results were not bad all things considered.


Paint Brush
Outdoor tap
A few more without tags for the guessing games.......

Can you tell what it is yet?
House Fly
With a little practice hopefully I'll be able to improve on my technique but for a pound I'm not complaining.

PS: Just seen news of the Red-backed Shrike in Hants being re identified as a Brown Shrike...A mega!
If my information is correct this is only the fifth time this Asian bird has visited Britain so I'm guessing there'll be a sizeable twitch for it over the weekend.


  1. WOW, who knew the common house fly was so beautiful.......thank you BriaN FOR A LOOK INTO YOUR WORLD
    tILLY......... Oppppppps sorry for the caps

  2. Its a wonderful way to start Macro photography. Its not only a good way to start, its very good working distance and excellent coverage of greater than 1 magnification are good enough to make transit to proper macro lens a difficult choice later too. I use same lens with my Sony and only word of caution is it can be addictive!

  3. I get that addictive bit, I can see me looking at everything in a different light already.
    will experiment a little more then post a few more images.

  4. Honestly , can you get any better Brian!....
    My Son in Law would be in his element spending a day with you , he loves his photography too...

  5. Thanks Kath...hopefully with a little more experience with this kit I'll be able to improve on depth of field