Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Great Snipe found dead at Kilnsea

News broke this morning that the Great Snipe at Kilnsea had been found dead, apparently the poor bird had become breakfast for a local feline.
The bird was apparently a youngster born in 2013 and had developed little fear of humans as it performed for the crowds that gathered to see, tick and photograph it. I had not made the trip, as much as I would have loved to see it the journey was just out of reach for me. a) being too far and b) being too expensive.

It brings memories back of the Needletail that attracted the crowds earlier this year only to meet it's end by colliding with a wind turbine and more distant memories of a local Woodchat Shrike that was seen being taken by a Sparrowhawk.

I love the Autumn months as the young birds that pass through to their wintering grounds do generally have a less developed fear of man and allow for closer photographic opportunity but I find myself wondering just how many actually make it to adulthood and have to admire every single one for how they cope with life.

My own close encounter...let's hope this guy does better than the Snipe

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