Monday, 12 April 2021

Recovering those missed lockdown opportunities

 On 14th February I wrote about the missed opportunities lockdown had produced this year.

They included the over wintering Social Lapwing in Cornwall. This bird was last reported on 20th February so looks like I've missed my chance to see it.

I also mentioned the Devon Mockingbird. Well the bird hung around until the government allowed us to travel again so I was fortunate to add this to my life list and picked up a bonus lifer in Cornwall on the same day with the American Herring Gull.

The White-throated Sparrow that was seen in Kent and suppressed moved to East Sussex and although reported during lockdown was quickly suppressed to stop the temptation for people to travel during lockdown. As lockdown was released the bird moved to a more public area and news was again released so I managed to recover this tick which was great. 

I missed the Warwickshire Bufflehead due to travel restrictions and the Kent Eyebrowed Thrush that was suppressed during the lockdown despite being present from 14th January until 3rd March.

Other birds I may have travelled for outside of lockdown include Black Scoter and Pacific Diver although the Diver in Cornwall has only been reported once this year.

All in all a decent recovery from lockdown with three life ticks so far this April.



White-throated Sparrow

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