Tuesday, 13 October 2020

More of the Wilson's Phalarope at Keyhaven


I had a great time watching the Wilson's Phalarope at such close quarters and you'd think the fact that it came close would help with the images and to a degree you'd be right but I carry a 400mm prime lens which means that once the target gets too close I can no longer focus on it. Then you have the bird being mostly white giving the contrast issues you'd expect. Add in that it swims in an area fringed with reeds and grass so getting a clear shot is a challenge and then you have the fact that its overcast and the light is poor which can help with the contrast but as the bird swims it moves form light to dark water meaning you're forever changing settings to try to expose it whilst  trying to add some shutter speed to the situation. I tried in my amateur way to deal with all the above and I'm relatively pleased with the results. Regardless of the image quality it was fantastic to sit and watch the tiny little bird go about its business with absolutely no regard to the human activity along the footpath just inches from it.

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