Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Nightingale is on the list

Lockdown prevented me making my annual trip to the valley as the Nightingales arrive and you'll all know they're a little easier to hear and find as new arrivals but with the new slight relaxation I've been walking the valley a couple of times a week but until yesterday hadn't a sniff of Nightingale. All that changed as I stood looking for a Garden Warbler I could hear then up popped a Nightingale and remarkably it gave a little burst of song too to make my morning.

I heard Cuckoo again too and bumped into a few Great Crested Grebes carrying chicks along the river. In fact the place is alive with young birds and lockdown doesn't seem to have done them any harm at all.

Year list now 200. Respextable start considering what we've been going through.
Still no Wheatear, Whinchat or Willow Warbler, still no Hobby and this list of missed returning migrants isn't extensive by any stretch.

Great Crested Grebes

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