Sunday, 17 November 2019

Return to Wallasea Island

I decided to make a return trip to Wallasea Island this afternoon after enjoying yesterdays visit so much. Again I connected with two Hen Harrier, two Great Egrets, six Short-eared Owls and a Merlin.
Marsh Harriers, Buzzards and Kestrels added to the raptor count to make the whole experience fantastic again. I grabbed a few images in the fading light but the conditions were a little challenging as I tried to keep up with the birds in flight as the light dropped which is never easy but I do have a few keepers from today.

Year list still 298

Love the way they make eye contact with you
Short-eared Owl at Wallasea Island
It's behind you
Seeing off a male Kestrel
Hunting at dusk

Wallasea.....I'll be back!

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