Friday, 27 September 2019


I pride myself on the help I give the local House Sparrow colonies with three families raising at least three good size broods this year and a garden alive all day every day as the dispersal hasn't yet started so they all remain very close. Whilst this is all good for the Sparrows it also means my garden is a regular path of the local Sparrowhawks. Over the years I've only witnessed one previous strike when I lost a Collared Dove although I've seen many near misses. This morning I witnessed the second strike when a young female took a House Sparrow for breakfast but I guess that's nature.

Juvenile female 
Female Sprawk
Standing over the prey
Always in the darkest corner of the garden 
Pleased with the opportunity to grab a few images but it hasn't helped with the year list status which remains on 284 so I could use another tick before the end of September. Three more this year gets me to my best ever year with only sixteen for 300 but targets are hard to find


  1. I have only seen a sparrowhawk twice in our garden and one Blue-tit that went his/her way. I must have counted at least 60 House sparrows on our lawn this morning, they are thriving here. Have a good weekend, Diane

  2. Good to see them doing well and I suppose they go hand in hand....if the Sparrows do well then the Sparrowhawks do well too.