Thursday, 21 March 2019

One for the ringers out there

The above bird was photographed by me back on 31st December last year in Norwich and I've just heard that the bird has has been seen again.
It was ringed in Aberdeen on 24th November as it arrived in the UK as a three year old female and then moved south to Norwich where I connected with it some 547km south of the ringing sight. The last report was on 11th February but the remarkable thing is it has returned north in readiness for the pending departure whereas the ringers tell me that most just depart from their last sight.
This bird has flown 512km north to Dundee but who's to say it won't get all the way to Aberdeen before it leaves.
I always report the rings when I can get enough info and this is the perfect reason for doing it and an unexpected bit of history on this birds time in the UK.

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