Sunday, 20 January 2019

More Purple Sandpiper from Sheringham

Now and then a bird performs for the camera and yesterdays Purple Sandpiper was one of those birds coming within a few feet with a little craft and patience. The light was challenging as it was always in the shade but with some increase in ISO the results weren't too bad.

my personal favourite
Bright eye
Purple Sand
What a cracking bird
Purple Sandpiper at Sheringham
having a little ruffle of the feathers to keep the warmth in
Check out that bill
a memorable experience for sure
I also had some time with the Shore Larks at Holkham and have a couple more images of them too.

Shore Lark at Holkham
I liked this as it illustrates the view I had for 99% of the time with them.
One of my favourite birds
Today saw me drop into Lemsford Springs to catch up with Green Sandpipers which didn't disappoint as five birds walked up and down in front of the hide. Two Grey Wagtails and a Little Egret added to the spectacle.

Year list now 147 leaving me a chance of my best January total ever which was 155 but the ticks do come a lot slower now until the spring migrants arrive.

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