Sunday, 22 January 2017

Lapland comes to Scotney

First stop this morning was an easy Red-necked Grebe at Camber although with temperatures of minus six as we arrived the small lake was frozen forcing the Grebe to the far side.

Next stop was Scotney where we failed to find the wintering Black-necked Grebe and with the Geese not present we decided to walk the footpath out behind the the lakes. It was cold but with very little wind not as biting as it could have been. As we reached the very end of the footpath we found the Geese flock and scoping them delivered a year tick with a couple of Tundra Bean Geese. Pink-foots and Brents were also in the Greylag flock and the feral Barnacles, Egyptians and Snow Geese added to the days goose count.

As we watched the Geese the Lapland Buntings flew around us landing occasionally in the grass but always out of sight keeping company with Reed Buntings. Two Peregrines flew across scattering the ducks before we left for a brief taste of Dunge where the Tree Sparrows entertained us for a while and we recorded no fewer than nine Great white Egrets on ARC pit.

Last stop of the day was Hythe to pick out a Purple Sandpiper for the old man as it was missing form his 2016 list. We quickly found one feeding on the rocks in front of the Imperial Hotel but with the tide in and the sun in our face we settled for snapping the Turnstones instead and left happy with todays four year ticks moving the 2017 list to 145.

Tree Sparrow
Tree Sparrow
Pied Wagtail
Song Thrush
Tree Sparrows
The Jims trying to get on the Purple Sand!

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  1. Hi Brian, hope you're still getting those House Sparrows in undisclosed sites.