Monday, 30 May 2016


A few more images from my recent brief but special encounter with a Hobby down at Dunge.

Falco Subbuteo "The European Hobby"
Hobby Dungeness 29th May 2016  what a bird!
looking at me looking at you.....A Special moment

A remarkable encounter with the bird sitting on a shed whilst we pulled up along side in the car enjoying it for a few moments.

The Hobby summers in the UK with c2800 breeding pairs. It is an amazing bird to watch as it hawks for dragonflies etc over lakes and rivers.

The scientific name Falco Subbuteo derives from the Latin word for Sickle (falcis) which refers to the birds talons and Subbuteo again from the latin words sub meaning near to and buteo meaning Buzzard.

The word Subbuteo being better known as the  table football game taken from the name of the Hobby for the hobby if that makes sense.

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