Saturday, 13 February 2016

Great Grey Shrike at Grimes Graves

We headed up the A11 this morning with our first stop being Lackford Lakes. A walk around gave good views of several Kingfishers for my first year tick of the day. Scanning from the various well placed hides we found plenty of Grebes and ducks including several pairs of Goldeneye but we struggled to find the reported Long-tailed Duck until Jimmy pulled it out of the bag on our way out and we watched her diving for a while before making our way out with two year ticks in the bag.

Grey Grey Shrike

Making our way up to Grimes Graves we parked up at the entrance gate and walked down to the meadow where we scanned for about an hour before finding the wintering Great Grey Shrike but it was worth the walk and the wait.  So three year ticks in a morning and lot's of other good birds seen along the way too.

Year list now 165


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