Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Pied Wheatear Landguard

With a half day planned at work for "shopping" with my good lady I was pleased to see reports of the Pied Wheatear at Landguard in Suffolk. Of course this changed my "shopping" plans and we headed up the A12 together in search of treasure.

Pied Wheatear
On arrival a small group of around twenty birders were quickly seen on the shingle in front of the observatory. I joined the group but as they moved off to "chase" the bird up the beach I stayed put with another guy and hoped the bird might decide to come back and join us. We watched as the bird flew up the beach across to the houses and back to the beach followed by most of the birders.

Eventually the little cracker did come back to us and we enjoyed great views before the twitch caught up and pushed the bird on again. We left and I hope the others did likewise to give the bird enough time and space to feed before roosting.

The bird was a cracking male and a lifer for me so I was absolutely delighted to have taken the half day and pleased my good lady allowed the swift change of plans too.

The Pied Wheatear has a range extending from South East Europe through Western Asia and migrates to Eastern Africa for the winter so in all probability this little cracker was trying to find Africa when it landed in not so sunny Suffolk. I'm told that we've had 73 accepted records of Pied Wheatear before this in Britain although there are a couple of records pending that may push this number up. This is only the third record for Suffolk but more importantly the first for me.

Life list now 365 Year list now 267

Pied Wheatear
Pied Wheatear