Sunday, 14 June 2015

Double dip depression

It's that feeling again!
I've tasted it before but it's still bitter and not something I want to be tasting again any time soon. It's like losing a cup final or getting all ready to bat only to be out first ball. So having tried for the Quail reported at the Serin mound Rainham yesterday and despite a few hours in the company of Paul H. I missed the bird with the only highlight a male Marsh Harrier that drifted over the tip as I left. Whilst driving home yesterday I kind of regretted not making the trip for the Wheatear when it was first reported but figured I'd go in the morning having rested up the traffic would be lighter and I could still make the Saturday night dinner.Black-eared Wheatears just don't like to wait so as we arrived at Acres Down this morning we already feared we'd be on a sticky wicket and the glum faces walking around just confirmed our fears. We took in the great views that the New Forest has to offer hearing Woodlark for the Jims to get a year tick and adding Tree Pipit, Crossbill, Spot Fly and Redstart before I picked out a reasonably close Honey Buzzard which the Jims managed to miss whilst papping a Stonechat. Another Honey came up along with several Common Buzzard and a couple of very distant unidentified Buzzards. No Goshawk were seen and other birders reported Lesser Spotted Woodpecker and Hawfinch from the same area which just highlights what a great site this is and deserving of more of our time without the twitch factor.

So with the majority of the crowd heading off to tick Hud Whimbrel and Greater Yellowlegs we departed for home disappointed with the dip but pleased with the trip.

Year list now at 238

PS..The afternoon gave me an opportunity to get the camera out in the garden for a change.

Female House Sparrow
Male House Sparrow

House Sparrow
House Sparrow
House Sparrow

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