Thursday, 29 March 2012

29th March Chase for the Red Breasted Goose

Old Hall Marsh

Tollesbury Wick

Red-breasted Goose
Virgin Balloon
After five trips to Tollesbury and Old Hall Marshes I finally caught up with the Red Breasted Goose that's been over wintering in Essex...The picture of the goose above is from last year as this one was distant and within the large flock of Brent Geese. A lovely couple of hours had at the reserve though with access through the iron gate on Old Hall road and into the car park which is small so parking is by permit only from the warden. A nice walk along the sea wall saw a good count of birds on the visit. Marsh Harrier, several Snipe and waders galore on the estuary with lots of geese and ducks and of course the elusive (well to me it's been elusive) RB Goose. (183) Had to stop on the way out to take a pic of the virgin balloon as it climbed above the village. I Thought I heard Greenshank but can't be sure so that tick will have to wait for another day. It's been a good few days since the weekend....Buzzard circling above the garden and Red Kite over the M1 on a work journey.

Just seen that a couple of Garganey have arrived at Rainham so I'll be putting a quick shift in there tomorrow at some point...strange reserve though Rainham...opens late, shuts early and generally tries to make it hard for you to get in and around it. I missed a Hoopoe last year because they had to close at 5pm....what's that all about?....If you are one of the select few you can have the key code to get in before or after hours which is a bit harsh when something turns up and you can't get in....I realise the need to keep the place secure but it'd be good to get in before 9am being an early bird and all that. (moan over) Anyway I'll still drop in tomorrow to see the Garganey again. There lot's dropping in this week so hoping for a good weekends birding and it'd be great if just one of the Cornwall Hoopoes makes it's way round the coast to be within a couple of hours drive.....fingers crossed!

Still 183 and we're not a quarter of the year down yet so I'm closing in on that 250 but it's still going to be a challenge but one which I'll enjoy though as it's going to take me to places old and new.

Trip to Wales plannned for May and hoping to get a few days in Scotland too if possible in May giving myself every chance of hitting my target. Onwards and Upwards!

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