Saturday, 6 September 2014

New Books on the shelf

I took delivery of three new books this week thanks to Amazon and a donated voucher.

New books
I've read Birders "Tales of a tribe" this week and found it a decent little adventure although if honest I found the back end of the book a bit of struggle to finish with tales of foreign trips etc.
The book does deliver a well painted picture of the birding scene and within it's pages you cant help relate some of the stories to your own trips and dips. It's worth a read and will deliver a comic punch along the way.

The Helms is a book I "needed" in my collection of guides and I have to say it hasn't disappointed. I particularly like the way similar confusion species are laid out on the same pages. This will be going with me on my travels going forward along with my Collins.

Skuas within the Helms Guide
Richard Millington's A Twitchers Diary looks on the face of it a cracking read with superb illustration.
I think I'll enjoy flicking through the diary of a fellow birders number chase and seeing the dedication shown in pursuit of the hobby.

A Twitchers diary
I'm looking forward to reading this one in the week ahead but also looking forward to some time in the field tomorrow too.


  1. I recently brought the Helm Guide, as I am relatively new to bird watching and have found it to be very useful guide to be beside my Collins guide. Martin

  2. I agree Martin and hope you get as much enjoyment out of the hobby as I do.