Wednesday, 6 November 2013

More of the Grey Phalarope at Salthouse

If I thought yesterday had started well today was even better as whilst still in my bed a Barn Owl flew past the bedroom window and hunted the grassy ditch that borders the farmers field and has to be the most comfortable I've ever been when birding. (Really I was lying in my bed) I took Tia for her usual walk and again enjoyed good views of Barnie and as we got in the car to leave for a day out on the north coast we were again distracted by the hunting Owl so pulled over to watch for an hour or so.
My next stop was Salthouse where I'd seen the Grey Phalarope in the rain yesterday. Today it was still dull but dry enough to take the camera. I walked from Salthouse car park today spotting Snow Bunting on the way. As I arrived at the pool beyond Little Eye a small number of birders were already gathered and I settled down next to them on the edge of the pool. The Phalarope was in the centre of the pool and took flight on a couple of occasions choosing to land closer to us and giving the chance of a few shots despite the dull weather. Eventually the bird had a little walk around the waters edge which was nice to see.

Grey Phalarope
Grey Phalarope
Grey Phalarope
Phalarope in flight
From here I took a walk around Cley with little to report of note although the Eye fields held good numbers of Golden Plover and the Leucistic Brent was still there.
Leucistic Brent Goose
A Velvet Scoter was seen drifting west before I departed for lunch which was enjoyed looking over the coast at Cromer. Today was a day of few birds but the quality time with both Barnie and the Phalarope was exceptional and will be long remembered.


  1. nice photos Brian, looks like you are having a good time, see you at the weekend, great result for arsenal last night.

  2. Having a blast Jim thanks and yes the Arsenal result was blinding too. see you at the weekend mate.