Sunday, 13 October 2013

Parrots in Essex

Over the last few days I've heard discussion about Parrot Crossbills building up in numbers across Scandinavia and talk of a possible explosion as these birds head to our shores in search of food. Whilst in Norfolk yesterday with the Jims news came through of four Parrot Crossbills arriving in Essex so early this morning I made the trip down the A127 to Shoeburyness where I eventually found Mess Road on the new Garison estate. Parking at the end of the road the two small pines were obvious, surrounded by a number of birders including Harry & Barry and Wanstead's Mr Lethbridge amongst others. I spotted the Crossbills feeding without leaving the car but still got out to enjoy closer views despite the constant rain. Two stunning red males and two females feeding on the still green pine cones. The large size is really evident when you see these birds up close, thick necked, thick billed, long winged and I can't see too much difficulty having these accepted as a long awaited record for Essex and sticking on my list as bird 278 of 2013.

Parrot Crossbill
Parrot Crossbill in Gunners Park Shoeburyness 
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  1. I guess with changing weather patterns we are going to get more unusual and different birds in the UK
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