Thursday, 30 May 2013

Savi's Warbler Lakenheath

I drove to Lakenheath this morning in an effort to connect with the reported Savi's Warbler.
Being only seventy miles from home I was parked up at 4.30am and made the long walk out to West Wood where the bird had been seen last. I heard three Grasshopper Warblers along the way but soon found an area where the grass had been trampled so guessed it would be worth a stop, look and LISTEN.
I wasn't disappointed as the Savi's Warbler obliged climbing the reeds giving good views and reeling away happily allowing a good comparison between it's deeper tone and the lighter call of the Groppers.

A Golden Oriole gave me two notes of it's call and a couple of Bitterns "boomed". A Tawny Owl calling was a surprise and a dog Fox was being very noisy in the farmers fields. Lot's of Marsh Harriers on the wing and a few Hobby were seen both sitting and in flight but I didn't manage to locate the Red Footed Falcon on this occasion. The Savi's gave me tick 248 for the year and moves me into fourth place on the Bubo listing site but I doubt I'll stay there as believe it or not there are people that do more birding than me and I'm sure they'll catch up during the rest of the year. I did bump into Lee Evans again today after seeing him Monday in Scotland. He is running a round Britain tour with a group of eager beaver birders grabbing daily ticks as he rushes around with them all over Britain.

The current Bubo rankings
ps. Savi's Warbler is also a new addition to my life list and moves that on to 321 in four years

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