Sunday, 12 August 2012

Landguard Nature Reserve

Decided to take a trip to Landguard today so Suzanne and I took the dog to explore this reserve near Felixstowe. With the sun shining the place is packed with day trippers. Some are here for the sun, some for the sea, some flying kites and others walking the dog but only a couple of birders are seen.

Languard Bird Observatory
A short walk along Icky Ridge and we're at the bird observatory pictured above.
a little further on and the Landguard Fort and the Lighthouse have also been seen. The habitat is perfect for migrants dropping in and indeed today had seen Pied Flycatcher and Barred Warbler although I didn't catch either.
I saw House Sparrows and Linnets and a single Blackbird and Willow Warbler but the bird count was dissapointing, perhaps not surprising with the number of "tourists" about.
Nice to see a good variety of Butterflies with some small blue the highlight here.

Landguard Point

My first visit here but I'm sure it won't be my last. I'll drop back in when the weather is worse and hope for less people and more birds.

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